Our mission

ACADEMY387 has been envisioned as an open educational platform for all individuals and institutions with a goal of knowledge sharing. Primary focus is creation of intense short-term courses, workshops and lectures designed by an expert level professionals and world class industry leaders. Programs are designed as a direct response to the growing market demand for particular skill sets, technologies and know-how's.

Online experience

ACADEMY387 is designed as dynamic web platform open to new program submissions, featured program signups, student enrollment, students feedback and testimonials, as well as social sharing. All featured courses will be equally promoted and marketed.


ACADEMY387 would instantly provide on-demand training resources to existing ICT companies, and would serve as the ‘springboard’ for knowledge transfer of newly acquired skills set within new market niches. Enabling creation of new high-value workforce Academy387 would significantly contribute to ICT sector and complementary creative services, creating new value propositions that allow BiH to move up in the ICT supply chain. ACADEMY387 concept is wrapped around the idea to tap into industry experts within existing ecosystem and from abroad, creating key foundation for teaching and training resources for ACADEMY387.

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Maglajska 1
Bosnia and Herzegovina

+387 33 941 261

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