A Journey with Ficacrew



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A Journey with Ficacrew

Want to experience an adventure through Algeria, Morocco, Spain, Italy, Tunis, France and more in under an hour? You'll have the chance to do just that with the #ficacrew sharing the wild experiences of its 7-week journey.  Explore different cultures, landscapes, troubles and joys as "ficacrew" founder Amar shows us what a (not so) typical day with the fića looks like.



Amar Čamo is the founder of "ficacrew". When not in his fića, he's working in the field of digital mapping in Melbourne, Australia, where he's been living for the past 25 years. But his passion of exploring different places and cultures, love for cars and strong Bosnian roots has resulted in his #ficacrew project. He creates adventures in a small Zastava 750 aka fića. Very green in color and happy in spirit, he traverses kilometers, camera in hand, to show other cultures and promote his own.


This talk will be in English.

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