DIASPORA TALKS: AI and Machine Learning - Challenges & Advantages



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DIASPORA TALKS: AI and Machine Learning - Challenges & Advantages

Adi Kablar has a background in data analytics and machine learning, specializing in the development of large scale artificial intelligence systems. He currently works for the Government of Ontario in Canada and is leading the development and real time implementation of a counterparty risk machine learning model. He had previously worked in the financial sector as a quantitative developer. Born in Sarajevo in 1993 and living in Canada as of 1995, Adi holds a degree in Electrical Engineering from Ryerson University in Toronto.


In his talk, Adi will discuss how governments and large organizations can leverage artificial intelligence to increase the effectiveness and efficiency of business processes and use data driven insights to make better decisions. He will also take us through the current counterparty risk machine learning model he is developing, as well as some of the challenges encountered throughout the project and the advantages that it offers. 


This talk will be in English.

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