What is your five to nine?



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What is your five to nine?

What is your five to nine?

Americans often define themselves by their 9-to-5 day jobs, investing less in their after-hours. Jasmine Shells talks about blending her 5-to-9 with her 9-to-5, bringing her passions into her work day. This idea led to the launch of her company, Five to Nine, which creates opportunities for professionals to tap into their passions and build more fulfillment into their lives with a community of like-minded people. Jasmine is the CEO and Founder of Five to Nine, a social community that unites aspirational millennial leaders through shared experiences and events. Five to Nine was born out of Jasmine’s post-college experience in Chicago, where she noticed building a network as an emerging professional was hard. 
To help others in the same situation, Jasmine wanted to create a community that focused on young professionals’ aspirations - or what she calls their “5 to 9s.” Five to Nine brings together like-minded, cross-industry millennial leaders over unique experiences such as knowledge panels, community service, and rock climbing. This community fosters support, agency, and exploration that leads to meaningful connections and living for more than one’s job title.
Jasmine and her company have been featured in Chicago Inno, Chicago Tribune, Technori, Bootstrapping in America, and Brad's Deals' Women in Tech Accelerator. Jasmine is a proud graduate of the University of Notre Dame and loves to salsa dance. In addition to her passion for connecting people, she loves to inspire others to create their own opportunities and take the leap to achieve them. 

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