How to empower your team




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sedmica (2 h)


Marc proposes to work on the example of two Bosnian companies he worked with to understand what cultural and limiting beliefs get in the way of empowerment and how we can turn a seemingly shy, helpless group that can seem apathetic into a creative, daring, efficient team taking ownership and responsibility.


Marc operates at the individual and group level, making his client reflect on the way they lead or are letting themselves being led. He then links this reflection to the inner web of limiting beliefs that come from our culture and experience. In doing so, his clients can experiment with other ways to behave and understand the impact of their behaviour on the group.


Marc is using many different disciplines: Coaching, Group psychodynamics, Organisational Constellations, Emotional awareness, Non Violent Communication.


The event will be held on 24th April from 17:30h to 20:00h. Minimum number of participants is 12.

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