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Light PM Method (

Short description of the workshop:

This is a practical project management workshop where the focus is on learning project management by doing and instead of learning lots of theory and hoping for a chance to practice this in the future.  

Our mission is to change the way the world learns and practices project management.  

We start the workshop by introducing a project scenario which is easy to understand. Learners are put in groups of two and they run the project over the next 7 hours.  


Topics that will be covered:

Each learner does the following during the workshop: 

  • Understand the flow of a project 
  • Gathers the information and creates a Project Charter 
  • Create a number of test Work Breakdown Structures and one for the project scenario. 
  • How to gather requirements and understand the importance of quality requirements in product descriptions     
  • How to use a basic online project management application  
  • How to plan a project 
  • How to communicate in a simple and professional manner    
  • And the importance of Kick of meetings, stakeholder engagement
  • Experience PM’s will learn how to give this workshop themselves 



Workshop will last 6 to 7 hours.

Workshop won't be organized unless we have at least 8 participants.

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