Bosnian, Croatian, Serbian (BCS) for Russian speakers




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Bosnian, Croatian, Serbian (BCS) for Russian speakers

General information about the course: 

This BCS language course offers a comprehensive approach to learning the language for all those who wish to learn or improve their skills. The program covers various aspects of the language tailored to the needs of participants.

Throughout the course, participants will learn the basic structure of the Bosnian language, including grammar, spelling, and correct pronunciation. Special emphasis is placed on understanding basic concepts such as cases, verb tenses, and word agreement in sentences.

Interactive lessons include listening, speaking, reading, and writing exercises, allowing participants to apply their knowledge in everyday situations. The goal is to develop communication skills necessary for everyday interaction in BCS, both in formal and informal settings.

The BCS language course is designed to provide a good foundation for further language learning and to create a supportive environment for all participants. Regardless of their initial knowledge of BCS or experience in learning foreign languages, the course offers a structured and supportive approach to language learning.

Goals and expectations: 

After completing the BCS language course, participants can expect to achieve the following goals:

  • Proficiency in basic communication: Participants will be able to engage in simple conversations, introduce themselves, ask and answer questions, and handle basic everyday situations in Bosnian.
  • Improved comprehension skills: Participants will have developed the ability to understand spoken and written BCS to a greater extent, including basic texts, instructions, and dialogues.
  • Vocabulary: Participants will have solid range of vocabulary, including common words and phrases used in various contexts, such as greetings, shopping, dining, and traveling.
  • Cultural understanding: Through exposure to Bosnian culture, customs, and traditions during the course, participants will have gained insights into the cultural background of the language, fostering a deeper appreciation and understanding of Bosnian society.
  • Confidence in language use: Participants will have gained confidence in their ability to use the BCS language effectively in real-life situations, both orally and in writing.
  • Readiness for further learning: The course will prepare participants for further advancement in Bosnian language learning, whether through intermediate or advanced courses, self-study, or experience.

Overall, upon completing the Bosnian language course, participants can expect to have achieved a solid foundation in the language, enabling them to communicate effectively and confidently in Bosnian-speaking environments.

Materials/equipment necessary for the course: 

  • No materials needed. Learning materials are provided by teacher

Classes will be held twice a week (on Wednesdays and Fridays from 19:30h to 21:30h) during a period of 8 weeks which is a total of 32 hours. The minimum number of students for course to begin is 4. If we don't form a group with the minimum number of students, the course won't begin on the planned date. The price of the course is 399KM.

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